WELCOME to FundRacer5 and our Youth Sport Fundraising page, where you have FIVE (5) brands/product categories to choose from!

SPORTAMENTS Use the Ornament BUILDERs to design the perfect sport-specific Christmas Tree and/or Desk/Shelf ornament(s)! Select your team logo, select a player graphic, add a name/number, select all color combinations, etc. The Ornament BUILDERs are 100% custom-built features which allow you to see your new Tree and/or Desk ornament(s), before adding to cart. Be sure to check out the SPORTAMENTS Gallery for pics of recently completed ornaments!

MYSPORT Use the Sticker BUILDER to design the perfect car/SUV window sticker(s)! Select your team logo, a player graphic and/or a Mom/Dad design. The Sticker BUILDER is a 100% custom-built feature which allows you to see your new window sticker(s), before adding to cart!

MAGSPORT Just say NO to unrealistic and awkward-looking car/SUV sport magnet designs! All of our designs are based on the proprietary, MySport sport collections and our steel dyes are made to replicate their most popular player designs. In addition, we only use high-performance magnetic material and the finished player graphic magnet(s) will be laminated with high-performance vinyl film, in any color selected.

SPORTCHOP Whether a hockey rink, a football field, basketball court, baseball field, etc., each kitchen/food-safe glass cutting board can be personalized with a team logo, player graphic and name/number. The Cutting Board BUILDER is a 100% custom-built feature which allows you to see your new cutting board(s), before adding to cart. Be sure to check out the SPORTCHOP Gallery for pics of recently completed cutting boards!

SWEET ROOT NATURALS Do you want to live a healthier and more holistic life? Choose from a variety of high-quality products for both home and body; all-natural, handcrafted in small batches and made with love from the finest ingredients available.

For questions, email us at FR5@TeamMySport.com. THANK YOU for selecting FundRacer5 as a your Youth Sport Fundraising Partner, good luck this season and be sure to Spread the Word!

In 2007, SlapShot Decals was introduced in Maryland and quickly began reaching out to ice hockey pro shops, youth hockey clubs and setting up as a vendor at hockey tournaments. Fundraising was an obvious fit and today, FundRacer5 works with youth teams and high schools across the country, in all sports. As the business grew and even prior to June 23, 2016, the mission was to establish Corporate-roots in Rainelle, WV and rebuild the town to it’s former Meadow River Lumber Co. ‘glory days.’ Rainelle, WV is a small town in Appalachia with no established anchor-industry/businesses other than coal mines and lumber mills. The goal is to create an alternative opportunity for graduating students from two (2) local high schools. VISION STATEMENT Rebuild a community where people have hope again and see continual improvement throughout their town. Create an environment where the youth can build successful careers in Rainelle, WV. Provide an opportunity for all residents so that government dependency is a thing of the past. End town blight and rebuild Main Street, the way many remember and often reminisce about. It took decades of neglect, etc., and it will take decades to rebuild however, with a national account base in a recession-proof industry and a motivated, well-trained and well-compensated Team, FundRacer5 will transform this once bustling little WV town. Until then…
Our Corporate motto – EASY.  FUN.  PROFIT!  We go all out to make each happen for your Club/Organization/Team!  If you don’t see your question(s)/concern(s) listed, e-mail us at FR5@TeamMySport.com. CAN WE GET FREE SAMPLES? Yes, of all FR5-branded products, with the exception of SPORTCHOP glass cutting boards. WHAT PRODUCTS DOES FR5 OFFER FOR FUNDRAISING? SPORTAMENTS (Christmas/Tree Ornaments & Desk/Shelf Ornaments) SWEET ROOT NATURALS (All Natural Lotions, Sprays, etc.) MYSPORT (Car/SUV Window Stickers) MAGSPORT (Car/SUV Magnets) SPORTCHOP (Sport-themed, glass cutting boards) CAN CERTAIN PRODUCTS BE PERSONALIZED? Absolutely! SPORTAMENTS (Christmas/Tree Ornaments & Desk/Shelf Ornaments) via the Ornament BUILDERS MYSPORT (Car/SUV Window Stickers) via the Sticker BUILDER MAGSPORT (Car/SUV Window Stickers) via the Magnet BUILDER SPORTCHOP (Sport-themed, glass cutting boards) via the Cutting Board BUILDER DOES OUR CLUB NEED TO PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS OR COMMIT TO QUANTITIES? No ARE THERE ANY MINIMUM QUANTITIES REQUIRED? No CAN WE MIX & MATCH PRODUCTS FROM EACH OF THE FIVE (5) BRANDS? Yes Read more FR5 FundRaiser FAQ here
Whether PDF, PNG or JPG, we will design a variety of electronic fliers to help promote your FR5 fundraisers throughout the organization (i.e., print-and-post throughout rink, etc. (PDF), upload to club/team website (PNG/JPG), include flier image in organization-wide e-mail (PNG/JPG), post on club/team Facebook page (PNG/JPG), etc.).  There is no additional charge for this service and each product flier design will include your team logo(s), your specified pricing, your designated contact information, time-specific/deadline details, etc.  For more information, e-mail us at FR5@TeamMySport.com.
If, after you purchase any of our FR5-branded products, you feel – for any reason – that it/they fail to live up to your expectations, simply Contact Us at FR5@TeamMySport.com and we’ll refund OUR percentage of your purchase price.  In addition, we’ll cover the return shipping costs!
Thursday, June 23, 2016, Rainelle, WV flooded. Several residents drowned. There was 2’ of water in some spots, 4’ in most and yet, over 8’ in a few. Raging flood waters completely destroyed 100+ homes, businesses, Churches…lives and dreams. Learn more